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Pulpdent Corporation introduces Embrace Varnish, 5% sodium fluoride with CXP, a new generation of fluoride varnishes. By incorporating xylitol coated calcium and phosphate in a permeable resin matrix that does not separate and requires no mixing, Pulpdent has developed a sustained, time-release bioactive varnish with predictable, uniform dosage that delivers 10 times more fluoride than leading varnish brands.

Embrace Varnish releases bioavailable calcium and phosphate ions, the essential building blocks of teeth. The xylitol coating prevents the calcium and phosphate salts from reacting until they come in contact with saliva. Saliva dissolves the xylitol and releases the calcium and phosphate ions, which react continuously in saliva with fluoride ions to form protective fluorapatite on the teeth.

Manufacturer Information

Pulpdent Corporation is a family owned business that has served the dental profession with exceptional products since 1947. The company is fully integrated under one roof in Watertown, Massachusetts, where we operate a sophisticated chemical production laboratory and an automated machine shop along with R&D, testing, assembly, inspection, packaging, shipping, regulatory and accounting functions. To facilitate processing raw materials into finished goods, Pulpdent has developed complex systems and controls to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Innovation has always been the hallmark of Pulpdent. From its early contributions to vital pulp therapy and root canal therapy to its recent technological developments in hydrophilic, self-adhesive restorative resins that behave favorably in the moist oral environment and take advantage of the moisture that is ever-present in the mouth, Pulpdent has forged new directions in dental materials and oral healthcare. These accomplishments secure Pulpdent's future in the international market and position Pulpdent to serve the dental profession worldwide. As a highly specialized research, development and manufacturing company dedicated to providing quality products and services to its customers, Pulpdent is pleased to celebrate its 60th year with a renewed commitment to excellence.

Dentists can continue to use Pulpdent products with pride and confidence. Browse this site and see how many ways Pulpdent can help your dental practice with patient-pleasing, time-tested products.

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Quick and Easy May 01, 2014


PH RDH from NH

I find embrace varnish very easy to apply. There is no need to mix prior to pacement,no clumping and it spreads to a thin film. My patients love the taste. I love that it contains calcium, phosphate and fluroide.

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